Friday, 8 April 2011

A working place called home

Wake up in the morning, check what's in the fridge while waiting the coffee brewed in a 2-cup espresso kettle, think of what could be brought to the office for lunch, grap some vegetables and eggs or fish or chicken... some garlic, spices, herbs... I think I am blessed, cause in my office we have a big well-equipped kitchen and we are allowed to cook during lunch break. I like to call our office: the second home. Yes... I know, not many have a working place like ours. The non-profit organisation I work with rents two big houses for our office, so it has everything for a place called home except... beds! (too bad!)OK, back to the kitchen. Not everybody cooks his/her lunch in the office. Many simply reheat their lunch, bring or buy lunch to be eaten in our big kitchen, where we have nice interesting chats over nice meals. Only me and Atiah cook in the office, plus Rosy who sometimes boils her tomattoes, Dwiyana who sometimes cook vegetables and a couple other friends who reheat their lunches.

makan siang

In contrary with that big kitchen, at home... my real home, I only have a small kitchen... about 2.5m x 4m. But, no matter how big or how small, I love those two kitchens. They are my homes inside homes!

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