About Me

I grew up and been living in several cities: a very small city in the middle of Borneo jungle, a big touristic city with its strong culture in the middle of Java Island where I graduated from a medical school, a quiet  big coral island next to Papua with its white sandy beaches, and several other cities here and there, before now settle-in in the capital of this country with its awful traffic. In total: 8 cities.

My Interests
Some people said I have too many interests... Too many that I often have problem to concentrate on one. Well, I think I simply have too many curiosity on how things work and how to make things, and always wonder whether I could do it or not. For example, when I heard music, I wondered if I could play at least one instrument. So I learnt to play organ, guitar, and some other instruments. When I saw a pretty tapestry, instantly I wanted to learn how to make one. I know how to fix things at home (plumbing, electrical wiring, etc.). And this couriosity goes on and on since my childhood till now. Playing music, singing, sewing and needle crafts, knitting, gardening, reading,  jewelry making, traveling, baking and cooking, and so so so many more. I often think that this curiosity is somehow the biggest blessing I received from God. It leads me to a world of endless learning. The more challenging it is, the more determined I will be. That's me!

My big problem is that I don't have time to do all of those that interests me. And sometimes I don't have the necessary thing to do it. I sadly have to put aside some of my projects (e.q. I live in an apartment, on 26th floor, so I have to give up on a "real" gardening, and do the pots-gardening). But for cooking... no! I will never put that aside. We have to eat, don't we? So here I am, still happily baking and cooking, even though I only have time during weekend to blog about it. So please bear with me if I don't post as often as you expect me to.

My Kitchen Notes Blog
The internet gives so many information for us to use wisely. I learnt a lot also from the internet, and as my way to pay back to the internet community, I write this blog. It's my way to say "Thank You". Besides, sharing makes me happy.

In this blog, you will find my flavor experiment and adventures. I often wonder how flavor interacts with other flavor and gives "soul" to a dish. I think it is important to use natural flavors, baking and cooking from scratch, and use healthier ingredients available.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I definitely apreciate every comment from you, for I am hoping to learn from you also.

- Maurina -

The Parts In and On Me
...the eyes: "wow! it looks so yummy.
See what the ingredients are and how it is made,
so the brain can imagine how it tastes"

...the brain with its imaginary skill wonders
how the combination works.

...the ego interrupts and says: "well, we can make it..
should not be a problem"

...the next thing is we all get lost in between the internet and several cookbooks from the shelf,
searching the best technique
and whether the recipe next to the picture is the best recipe.

...thinking “oh ha! internet is a blessing”

...quickly dust everything in flour,
scatter different ingredients around,
un-pile bowls and utensils,
knife-chop some ingredients,
turn the food-processor’s blade around,
switch the mixer on
and start the heat

...cooking fever is coming

...from experiment to experiment to see
how thing ends-up and tastes-like

...and that is when the heart said "share!!...
only by sharing one can be happy"

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